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Atelier Tropy-com Srl din jud. HarghitaS.C. Tropy-Com S.R.L. is a company which has rapidly gained its reputation in the market of the wooden houses manufacturers across the country and abroad.

Product promotion, personnel professionalism, orientation on the satisfaction of the customer’s needs have helped our company to acquire traditional customers in markets such as France, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Spain.

Our main objectives are: knowledge and understanding of the current and future needs of customers, legal and regulatory requirements, and to meet them consistent with the company’s capability.

ISO 9001 și ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental Management System

Sistem de Management al calității și de mediuThe achievement of the proposed goals has as a prerequisite the design and implementation of a environmental and quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, based on identification of the main processes which describe the organization activities, to give confidence and increase customer satisfaction, to help improve business performance and develop relationships with all concerned parties: customer, suppliers and employees.

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of services at European standards, using modern technologies, quality materials and a team of professionals well-trained in assembling semi-finished products.

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